There are various ways to ensure the highest quality

Quality Management

Unitech’s quality management system ensures thorough quality status and improvement process management through seamless sharing of information and collaboration.

The purpose is to find out possible problems in advance and to prevent the cause by collaborating with the product development institute and working closely with the production site.

We are always trying to supply the best quality products to our customers based on our interated management of quality activities.





Achieve the Highest Level of Quality

Quality Activity Data Management

  1. History management
  2. Improvement management
  3. Changing matters management

Customer Oriented Collaboration System

  1. Sharing quality information
  2. Improve customer needs
  3. Providing prompt Solutions

Efficient Process Management

  1. Speed up quality improvement
  2. Improve historical problems
  3. Project progress

Adhesives and sealants are very variable and require close collaboration with customers. We should always listen to customers voices.

CEO Unitech

Our production process and quality is ISO compliant

We maintaina high quality standard

The CEO of Unitech has a background in engineering with over 30 years experience in developing adhesives and sealant. Founded in 1999, Unitech has focused solely on the R&D and production for industrial adhesives. We always stuck to the best technology and as a result of continuing investment in R&D area, we became a globally acknowledge in manufacturing automotive and shipbuilding adhesives.


Slovakia Production Plant